Established in 1991 in south east London ,The London Podiatry Centre prides itself on being an integral part of our local community and treating patients from across London and the surrounding areas. With a reputation built on excellence we have also had the pleasure of being the choice of some of the world’s most high profile patients, some of whom include: 

  • A variety of stars of stage and screen including A-list Hollywood actors and Directors, West End Musical leads and British and International stars of hit TV shows such as Game of Thrones , Blackadder, Absolutely Fabulous, to name a few.
  • A number of world renowned professional PGA golfers
  • Members of the British and Foreign Royal family

  • Kenyan Olympic Athletic squad

  • Grand Slam and Triple crown winning International rugby players
  • Professional footballers from Arsenal FC, Crystal Palace FC Fulham FC, Charlton FC and the England Senior Football Team as well as professional FA referees 

  • British No.1 Tennis players
  • Royal Ballet principal dancers

The London Podiatry Centre has one of the most advanced dedicated Podiatric gait facilities in Europe. We utilise the same technology that is used in the worlds best medical research laboratories and the movie industry.  

Abnormalities in walking (gait) can cause a wide range of avoidable problems and conditions. Many common injuries encountered  in the general population effecting  the foot, leg, knee, hip, pelvis, back and shoulders result from gait imbalances.  Typical treatments used for such conditions may fail to work if the underlying gait abnormality  is left untreated.  In the elderly gait problems can result in a range of conditions including arthritis and muscle pain. It can also make them susceptible to falls, a major cause of hip fractures.  In children, a failure to recognise and treat certain abnormalities in gait can give rise to avoidable complications in later life.  In sport even a small imbalance can lead to chronic injury.


We remain the first choice of many elite and national sporting organisations for the provision of in-depth computerized diagnostic gait analysis.  The Centre was founded in 1991 by Mr. Ron McCulloch, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, who has over 25 years of National Health Service (NHS) and private practice experience in gait analysis.  The London Podiatry Centre provided services for the United Kingdom 2012 Olympics, and international athletes which include track and cycling.  We also provide gait services for several premiership football teams and our practitioners continue to work with the England International football squad.

We work closely with consultants in neurology, rheumatology, orthopaedics, diabetes and many other specialised fields.  These practitioners routinely refer to our Centre for gait analysis.  Once a gait defect has been identified we can offer a wide range of treatments ranging from hi-tech  medical appliances to minimally invasive and complex open surgery.   We offer many procedures under ultrasound guidance and use laser and other forms of advanced imaging. We also have specialists in manipulation and rehabilitation. This is further discussed in the treatment section of this web site.

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There are different levels of gait analysis available at The London Podiatry Centre, and this would typically involve using a combination of the following components to assess your gait:

  • A detailed clinical assessment which includes objective strength measurement, flexibility and alignment testing and 3-dimensional scanning of the foot with measurements for the provision of foot orthoses (when required).

  • 2-dimensional video assessment.

  • Vicon 3-dimensional technology is used to assess movement of the body through multi – segmental modelling which allows a detailed understanding of the movements and compensations taking place in lower limb.

  • F-Scan and F-Mat technology which are advanced pressure measuring systems.  F-Scan is an in-shoe pressure system and measurement is captured using hundreds of sensors which are placed inside the shoe.   The F-Mat is used to assess postural sway.

    Our facility offers you a personalised, objective, scientific evaluation and this is what makes The London Podiatry Centre unique.  At The Centre, we are able to diagnose the causes of injury because of the highly accurate diagnostic techniques we have at our disposal.  This enables an effective, evidence based, scientific treatment approach and rehabilitation plan that relates to your specific concerns.  Please contact our administration team for more details.