3-D and kinetic shoe test

3-D and kinetic shoe test

3d foot


The London Podiatry Centre has developed a shoe assessment tool to determine which kind or model of shoe is likely to provide optimal biomechanical efficiency.

This test uses quantitative scientific analysis of footwear using advanced 3D Vicon motion capture and kinetic/pressure technology in conjunction with pressure mat analysis. The result of this analysis is far beyond that offered in shoe shops or the vast majority of sports injuries clinics with most shoe tests providing limited scientific value.

The London Podiatry Centre shoe test measures the timing and efficiency of resupination (i.e. how effectively the foot arches to become a stiff lever for push-off) by tracking the heel using our 3D Vicon system. The general stability of the shoe is also assessed by means of a postural sway test using a mat with hundreds of sensors.

The completed test produces a percentage score showing a higher percentage if the shoe provides greater biomechanical efficiency.

Please Note:

The patient may be asked to purchase several pairs of shoes so that the optimal model can be selected.

Most shoe shops will accept the return of shoes, and the shoes that are not selected will be refundable by the shoe shop, providing that they are not damaged or soiled (worn outside). With regards to sports shoes, we can recommend shops who operate such policy.