Assessments Overview

Assessments Overview

Assessments Overview

Gait Assessment at The London Podiatry Centre

The London Podiatry Centre offers a number of different kinds of gait assessment for our patients.  All gait assessments include a biomechanical / anthropometric evaluation so that the data obtained from the gait analysis can be properly interpreted.  If you are in chronic pain or have an injury then you will require a medical assessment prior to your gait analysis so that a full history and appropriate diagnosis (or confirmation of a previous diagnosis) can be made.  

Please read our specific section on private medical insurance found in the fees and insurance section if you wish to claim for you assessment by this means.

The London Podiatry Centre offers the following assessments:

A. Premier chronic injury gait assessment

B. Premier paediatric gait assessment

C. Premier Sports Injury assessment

D. Injury prevention / performance enhancement gait assessment

E. 3-D and kinetic shoe test (COMFT TEST)

F. Kinetic Medical Applicance / Orthoses test

G. Medico-Legal Assessment

H. Commercial Product Testing Gait Analysis

Please note: Assessments A, B, C and F will require a pre-gait clinical assessment appointment which you may be able to have either prior to or on same day as your gait assessment. Assessments D & E are strictly self-funded  and can also be undertaken without the requirement for an initial clinical assessment, however will require your completion and return of the following questionnaire.

Click Here for Questionnaire***

This should be emailed to our Centre prior to your scheduled appointment date in order to facilitate your management.  

Please call The Centre on 0208 297 9631 for further information