Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery


Minimally invasive surgery involves the ability to perform a range of surgical procedures utilising very small incisions. There are clearly a number of potential benefits to this approach and the London Podiatry Centre has pioneered a number of the latest techniques. In particular, the use of cryosurgery to treat a range of conditions has revolutionised the Centre's ability to treat patients quickly and safely with a more rapid return to work and a reduced risk of complications.

The use of ultrasound in particular has allowed minimally invasive surgery to flourish because it is now possible to look inside the foot and its associated structures and manipulate tissues through tiny incisions with minimal disruption of the skin. Ultrasound guided injection techniques are used routinely in the Centre to treat a whole host of different injuries.

The London Podiatry Centre is able to offer highly specialised minimally invasive techniques such as pulsed radio-frequency to desensitise nerves and this represents a new and exciting way of managing a range of foot conditions.  Minimally invasive surgery has also been used by Mr McCulloch to treat conditions such as bunions, hammer toes and other common ailments of the foot. A patient’s suitability for minimally invasive surgery will depend on their specific condition and on occasion open surgery remains the preference in order to which even optimal outcome.

For more information on minimally invasive surgery please contact the Centre on 020 8297 9631